Screenprints for collectors and art lovers

Toshy likes to screenprint his black and white artworks. All artworks are handmade, signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authencitity.

All screenprints are limited in quantity. Toshy prefers to offer limmited editions of 25, 30 or 35 pieces. Some of the presented screenprints needs to be printed before you receive it. When this happens we will notice you. Unless you have to wait a little bit longer to receive your authentic screenprint, you could be the lucky one buying #1 of the serie.

Create your own gallery

Start your Toshy art collection with screenprints. You can create your gallery wall at home. In the webshop you’ll fine black and white screenprints.


Screenprints on demand

Toshy does commissioned screenprinting. Most of Toshy’s black and white indian ink artworks are also avaiable as limited screenprints. If you saw an on Instagram and it doesnt show in the webshop. Please dont’t hesitate and contact us.

Shop your screenprint

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