Augmented reality art by Toshy

Augumented reality 

Toshy created a big piece of art with a message. In the artwork you’ll see many of his well known icons (Flower -Surround yourself with flowers, Plus – More trust More selfconfidence More Passion,  Eye – See what life has to offer – Arrows – All good things in life go in two directions). Based on one of the Sustainable Development Goals supported by and

Download the AR app Artivive and scan the image below. See what will happen!


The artworks shows how clean water connects people and the world. 

The artwork is painted on 20 pieces of canvas (size 40 x 50 cm – 15,75 x 19,69)

  • Size: 200 x 200 cm – 78,74 x 78,74 x 1,57 inch
  • Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Augumented layer (Animation)
  • Signed by Toshy
  • Year: 2022
  • Special shipment required – shipping quote on request

    Also available as Fine Artprints (with AR layer) price and sizes on request