Spreading Love Now! all over the world

Dance parade truck calls for Love Now! in Berlin


The dance parade “Rave the planet” is full of statements.

Berlin, July 9, 2022
After the last version of the Love Parade in Berlin (2006), the organization of “Rave the planet” has made a new edition possible. Under the theme “Together again”, the event calls for appreciation and political recognition of electronic music.
The Netherlands will be a striking appearance with the truck “Ship of fools, Ameland”. Organizers Henk Witteveen (On behalf of FFWD Dance parade Rotterdam, which has been on the political agenda again this year), Adi Halter (RIO Parade) and Frank Hulsebos (Ship of fools Ameland) joined forces and approached various DJs and artist Toshy.
Toshy started handing out Love Now! In 2015 in Berlin. Works of art. Art that calls for connection (Connect your hearts to strangers). The Dutch artist has now given away more than 1000 works of art worldwide and on Saturday 9 July he will reach a huge audience in 1 day with the design of the dance truck. A collaboration in which DJs with music and Toshy with art make the connection together.



In a world of refugees, homeless, loneliness, hunger, cold, fear, violence, abuse, torment, disrespect, discrimination, hate and disbelief we can and have to help with money and goods. But help can also come from the heart. Pay attention, affection and involvement to people who need it. More attention to you family, friends, the unknown. Connect to each other again, it’s easy and it only costs an action. Money can’t buy you love but love can make a big difference. Love now! Make a start!

Dutch artist Toshy travels the world and shares the “Love Now!” message with his art. Not only in international galleries but also in public places, on fashion, walls and canvas. November 2015 Toshy went to Berlin and shared his artworks with passengers, in December he did the same in Amsterdam. He painted the message on walls in cities like Barcelona and London and sent many artworks to strangers all over the world. People on Social Media responded to his call to be part of the Love Now! project and received free Love Now! art. 

People in Breda • Rotterdam • Barcelona • Berlin • The Hague • Dubai • Dallas • Florence • Ibiza • Kuwait • Kuala Lumpur • Lisbon • London • Los Angeles • Margate • Melbourne • Moscow • New York • Dallas • Zürich  and many more places all over the world received 3 artworks 1 to keep and 2 to share with family, friends or strangers. 

Love Now! is a call to the world to create positive energy by connecting hearts.


Love Now! Make a start!






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