Sex Crime

Sex Crime

Toshy’s youth was filled with artists like Madonna, Prince, Eurythmics, and Michael Jackson. With his – POP – art series, Toshy created a tribute. The – POP – series is created in 2013, Toshy’s first year as an international artist. The artworks were part of his first cross-border exhibition at Bricklane Gallery London and stayed in his art studio afterward. Now is the right moment to show them again and present them in galleries and the webshop.

The title refers to one of Eurythmics’ hits. An ode to Annie Lennox. “Sexcrime” is a song which features heavy sampling of Lennox’s voice. For Toshy it was one of the songs that inspired him to start working with music samples.

Note: For collectors and fans, this is your chance to buy one of his first artworks. When you buy the artwork in this webshop you can ask Toshy to sign a personal note on the back of the canvas. 

  • Framed (wooden frame, black sides a silver front)
  • Year 2013

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Sex Crime

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