Can you see the flowers bloom?

The most beautiful and valuable things in life are for free. Don’t be blinded by what success can buy you.

In a world driven by the relentless pursuit of success, we often become ensnared by the allure of material wealth and overlook the simple, priceless beauty that surrounds us. “Can you see the flowers bloom?” is an artistic exploration of this paradox.

With its rich infusion of gold, the artwork is a reminder that the journey to success is as valuable as the destination itself. Gold symbolizes the appreciation of life’s moments along the way.

“Can you see the flowers bloom?” challenges us to remain connected to the profound, unpretentious joys of life, symbolized by the flowers. It encourages us to embrace success without losing sight of the authentic beauty that exists freely in the world around us.

In this captivating piece, success is not measured by possessions but by our ability to appreciate and nurture the blossoms of life. It is a call to keep our eyes open and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us, even as we strive for success.


Framed (3d canvas in a black floating 2d frame)
Size cm: 33 x 33 x 6
Size inch: 12.99  x 12.99 x 2.36
Range: 1/1

Year 2023


Can you see the flowers bloom?

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