Take me to wonderland

Wonderland a place where spirits meet, love and passion rule, good things happen and energy is key.

Toshy likes to invite you and take you on a journey to Wonderland. With his art he likes to inspire people. Art with  messages to support, activate and motivate. For every individual wonderland has a different meaning. Wonderland can be a world full of flowers, a candystore, pure love, a relationship, harmony, a family, luxury, a sunrise or sunset or freedom in life. 

The story tells about where Toshy comes from, what inspires and motivates him, some remarkable stories, productdevelopment and his vision on life. A multi disciplinairy artist (360 creative) thats sees his world as his stage and loves to take you to wonderland.

Enjoy the story!

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Style Wars is an American 1983 documentary film on hip hop culture and its American roots, directed by Tony Silver and produced in collaboration with Henry Chalfant. This film inspired Toshy in 1985 to start with illegal graffiti in the streets of The Netherlands.Toshy became one of the first Dutch Graffiti artists. Packed with stolen spraycans and dressed in all black he painted many tags and pieces in the night.


Customized schoolbags and diaries

MId-Eighties Toshy used his school diary as a blackbook (Black book, a slang term for a graffiti artist’s notebook or sketchbook). Kids at school asked him to paint their schoolbags (25 Dutch guilders/12 euros/14$).

Oldskool HipHop icons like Salt & Peppa, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Grandmasterflas influences his style. 

Westcoast style

Palmtrees and small skyscrapers. It was clear the westcoast style influenced the illustrative part of his graffiti pieces. 


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Toshy and the eighties & nineties

Influenced by The Louvre Museum in Paris and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Toshy was taken to various museums in Paris and Amsterdam as a young boy. During this time, Toshy was inspired by icons such as Erwin Olaf, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein. He soon became a talented pencil artist with a passion. In the 80s, Toshy was inspired by sexy visuals used in fashion and combined them with graphics and animations. He identified with the ‘smiley’ symbol. During these times, pop icon video clips with stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and Depeche Mode instilled a strong vision in how creativity could be portrayed in the world. Halfway through the decade, the street art culture emerged.


Peter Lindberg, Helmut Newton and Sam Haskins

As a multi disciplinairy artist Toshy is a painter, pohotgrapher, illustrator, designer, videographer, musician etc. etc.  His photo-style is definitely influenced by the black and white photos of Lindberg, Newton and Haskins. 

Toshy loves to photographe by surprise. For his photoshoots he likes to improvise with the location, model, situation, available (day)light and mood. No stylists, No make-up artists and he selects his models on instagram without seeing them in person before. 

“Give me a model, a white or black background, daylight and my camera and I’ll make it happen!”- Let me photographe you like no one did before”. Take a look at the photo-projectpage “We’re all human”.