TOSHY x LEOXX Love Now! Rugs


TOSHY x LEOXX is a unique collection of rugs developed by Dutch artist Toshy in collaboration with LEOXX. Each design shows a message and tells the story of the artist. Every single item is individually designed, giving you something really unique to work with. With TOSHY x LEOXX you are guaranteed to create a powerful and artistic statement in the interior.

Love Now!
Since November 2015 Toshy travels the world and shares his Love Now! art with strangers. It’s a call to the world to connect with each other. A simple good morning, a smile or a short talk can make a difference. It helps the world to become more social and helps people to feel connected to others.

TOSHY x LEOXX represents authentic and inspiring design with a positive message. Each rug is individually designed and personalized by Toshy with a small hand-painted text on the back. This makes your personal rug truly unique.

All TOSHY x LEOXX designs are executed in a silky and brilliant saxony carpet quality. The shiny look brings the design to life and gives the rug a luxurious appearance. The back of the rug is standard provided with antislip. Each design is available in several colors.

Available sizes
Custom rug 170 x 240 cm
Custom rug 230 x 325 cm
Custom rug 200 x 280 cm
Custom rug 280 x 385 cm
Custom rug 280 cm round
Custom rug 385 cm round



For prices, more information, and orders call LEOXX:

+31 30 635 10 00

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