Start your day with a smile!

Start positive

Start positive.

Toshy is about icons and messages. One of his icons is the famous – Smiley -.  In his art this smiley stands for – Start positive -. It’s a reminder to start your day, situation, project or talk with a positive attitude and energy. You can choose to start positive and make the best out of ir or to start negative. A negative start will never bring any good.

Detail; Toshy has many of his texts and icons tattoos. On the inner side of his left arm, a Smiley is tattooed. He always sleeps on his left side zo if Toshy wakes up the first thing he sees is a smile.

    • Acrylic paint on paper
    • Packed in a tube
    • Size 50 x 70 cm 19,69 x 27,56 inch
    • Year 2022



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