Love has no meaning when it doesn’t come back to you.
One needs the other to make it work.

Toshy got inspired on Valentine’s day. 14th of February he posted a “love for you” (connecting heart) message to his 7100 Instagram followers. Most followers only liked his message and didn’t respond with a message back to him. It made him think about it and made him create this set of 2 artworks  30 x 40 cm – 11,81 x 15,75 inch (framed).


In a world of refugees, homeless, loneliness, hunger, cold, fear, violence, abuse, torment, disrespect, discrimination, hate and disbelief we can and have to help with money and goods. But help can also come from the heart. Pay attention, affection and involvement to people who need it. More attention to you family, friends, the unknown. Connect to each other again, it’s easy and it only costs an action. Money can’t buy you love but love can make a big difference. Love now! Make a start!

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